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TS/TOS Kenya begins Youth Empowerment Programme

Three young men, Samuel Buhuru, Dickson Mbego and George Musumba, completed training in landscaping and gardening in April as part of TOS Kenya’s new youth empowerment programme. Their certificates for completion of this four-month programme will be presented to them during a joint TS/TOS Kenya function to be held in June. The programme to empower youth is under the supervision of Bro. Narendra Shah, General Secretary of the East and Central African Section of the TS. The combined efforts of the TS, TOS, local business and community leaders in launching the programme is an exemplary model that can be followed by us all.
Bro. Narendra learned that his associate, Daniel, the proprietor of Green Palace Garden and Home Services, was training young people in gardening and landscaping. When Daniel was approached to help with the TS/TOS Youth Programme, he readily agreed to provide the training to programme participants at a reduced rate.
The local Chief assisted with the selection of the youth involved. His detailed knowledge of those in his area who need vocational training in order to obtain employment or offer services on their own proved invaluable. Once selected, Daniel put them through their paces. He taught the young men about soil, garden design, mulching, composting, choosing flowers appropriate to various conditions, garden maintenance and landscaping. Samuel, Dickson and George worked hard during their four months of training. They have now started to work with Daniel as well as finding others in need of their newly acquired skills.

The TOS in Kenya wishes to thank all who have assisted them financially with this endeavour and with the women’s training programme as well. Without the support of the TOS coming from many countries this project would not have taken off! Three young men have found their vocation, employment and financial security for themselves and their families.

The women’s programmes are going well too, with four more women scheduled to start a new form of training shortly. So far the TOS in Nairobi has provided vocational training in quite a variety of areas such as hair styling and manicure, the preparation of food and cowdung-based fuel for sale.
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