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TOS and TS members and groups around the world have responded magnificently to the offer from Mr John Kern and the Kern Foundation to match donations made in 2008 through the TOS in the USA to the Golden Link School in the Philippines.

John Kern and Anne John Kern and Anne

Initially the Kern Foundation offered a matching grant of US$30,000 but when the donations reached almost US$40,000, Mr John Kern generously agreed to increase the matching grant from the Foundation to US$35,000. So the Golden Link School will receive just under US$75,000.

The news gets even better. Because the world-wide fund raising effort not only met but exceeded the goal of raising $30,000, Mr John Kern and the Kern Foundation have agreed to offer another matching grant in 2009, this time of US$20,000.

Tim Boyd and Liliy Tim Boyd and Lily

“It has been a joy working on this project. The response of our worldwide TOS network has been inspiring. I look forward to deepening our connections as time goes by,” said Tim Boyd, President of the TOS in the USA, who managed this partnership with the Kern Foundation.

These sentiments were echoed by the International Secretary of the TOS, Diana Dunningham Chapotin: “I am so grateful to John and the Kern Foundation. I also greatly appreciate the efforts of TOS groups and members around the world to work with the TOS in the USA to take full advantage of this generous offer”.

Golden Link School Family Day 2004
Golden Link School - Family Day 2004

The Golden Link School seeks to assist the less privileged sectors of society, so it does not derive its income from the tuition of its students. It is supported by the kindness and generosity of individuals and organisations who sponsor students for their tuition and fees, or who donate to the school in other ways. The school serves children from preschool through high school.

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