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Our Latest News? TOS International has a Facebook Page!
In today’s world social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow us to connect with a large group of people in a short period of time. We use them not only to make the TOS better known, and to share what we do with our TS friends, but also to share with all others in our circles of family and friends. Given the examples of videos that have ‘gone viral’, there are no other media that can make the world aware of the TOS as quickly as social media can. Social media are also the best and quickest way to connect with each other in the event that we need to mobilise a fund drive or other action following a natural disaster. And what better way is there to connect with youth? With all of this in mind, we set up a Facebook Page and have begun to send messages that we think are important to our friends. The first message that was sent, announcing the new page, got 221 likes as of the end of October.

If you have a Facebook presence – and I know many of you do as we are already Facebook friends – please find us and “like” us so that we can begin to develop a TOS network of friends.

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