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Flood relief efforts are underway at Adyar


Historic amounts of rain have produced disastrous flooding in Chennai, India, including flooding at Adyar, international headquarters of the Theosophical Society. While buildings at Adyar sustained comparatively minimal damage, the City of Chennai suffered devastating damage, with more than 50,000 homes destroyed some of them belonging to staff at Adyar who lost everything. We are collecting donations to help with the flood relief efforts.




The TS campus at Adyar and all of our people are okay and the International Convention will proceed on schedule. During these historic rains and flooding in the city of Chennai, Adyar was affected by some flooding of the ground floors in a number of houses, but the damage was minimal. Not so for many of the 120 staff members who work at our Adyar headquarters but live in and near Chennai. TS headquarters is currently feeding workers and their families who need help, and the TOS is helping other local residents. Your donations will help them to restore Adyar workers and others to stable living conditions.

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