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Farewell Carolyn

In our Latest News - Farewell, Carolyn. Sad news for us, glad for her!

Carolyn Harrod retires from the international TOS team after eight years’ dynamic participation, “often as the brains behind the operation” according to our former International Secretary, Diana. Carolyn and her husband Geoffrey designed our e-newsletter in 2008 and have produced it ever since. They also designed and created our website. Carolyn picked up the TOS’s strategic plan created by fellow Australian Dorothy Bell after wide consultation and ensured that the team followed it over its five-year life. She wrote a lot of the resource material to be found on our website and in our Handbook (which she also designed). She masterminded and led our last TOS Conference, held at Olcott in July 2013 - all this while acting as National Coordinator, then Treasurer, of the TOS in Australia and some of the time Coordinator of the TOS team in her home city of Brisbane.


Farewell Carolyn! We love you!
Geoff and Carolyn – What a team!

Are we going to miss our TOS Wonder Woman? What a question! We cling to Geoff’s continuing presence for comfort as new team members appear to fill the breach. (Rozi Ulics is our newest colleague but to see our whole international team, look here.)

Carolyn: we love you, we thank you! Readers: enjoy this collection of photos of our Carolyn in action. (She avoids the limelight so it was hard gathering these!)

Carolyn & Jean Carroll

At work: Carolyn (Treasurer), Travis James (Secretary) and Jean Carroll, Coordinator of the TOS Australia

Carolyn at Australian TOS AGM

Carolyn at Springbrook Theosophical Centre in Queensland, Australia where she has often participated in TOS organised "working bees" to beautify the grounds.

Carolyn, Geoff and Diana working on the e-Newsletter

Carolyn and Nancy at work at Olcott 2013

Carolyn speaking at the TOS Conference at Olcott 2013

Carolyn guiding us through the programme at Olcott


Cleaning bee at the Olcott kitchen

Carolyn draws numbers out of a hat at a raffle drawing at Olcott with help from Renee Sell and Dorothy Bell.

Carolyn often helps with the catering of TS events at Springbrook Theosophical Centre. It is an expression of her commitment to the TS as a TOS member.


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