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State Bank of India support for TOS work
in the Assam and Arunachal Region of India

There are currently about four million physically handicapped people in India.  Countless families cannot afford even the simplest mobility aids for their handicapped child, a situation that affluent nations would consider scandalous for their own children.  For the last nine years, the TOS in India has therefore maintained mobility aids as its national service project. Walking sticks, special shoes, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs and hand-propelled tricycles are distributed by many TOS groups throughout the country.

Mr Jatindra N. Patowary, the President of the TOS in the Assam and Arunachal Region (situated in the easternmost part of India), is tireless in his work for the handicapped. In May, he and his fellow workers had the joy of learning that the State Bank of India had made a grant to the TOS of 2,68400.00 rupees (US$4,900) for the provision of mobility aids, educational kits, school uniforms, books under the ‘H.P. Blavatsky Book Grant Scheme’, etc.  A special meeting was held for the bank representatives to meet the beneficiaries.

These photos show the happiness of donors and recipients alike…


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