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Brochure documenting TS support for the United Nations

In 2010, the international TOS formed a committee to make better known the historical role of the TS/TOS in supporting the work of the UN, and to explore and promote ways that the TOS can continue to support its work. The TOS United Nations Committee is chaired by Lorraine Christensen, the Coordinator of the TOS in Canada.

The UN Committee has now published its first brochure, documenting the history of support that the TS has given to the United Nations. In Lorraine’s words, the brochure describes “how the TS's history of support spans a century, going back to the early days when the TS was a leader in sowing seeds of internationalism and world brotherhood.”

The United Nations, which officially came into existence on October 24, 1945, was built on universal values of peace, human rights, human dignity and worth, along with justice, good neighbourliness, freedom, respect for nature and shared responsibility. These reflect the fundamental principles of the Theosophical Society since its inception in 1875.

Many international presidents of the Theosophical Society, including Dr Annie Besant, George Arundale, C. Jinarajadasa and N. Sri Ram, were staunch supporters of the United Nations and its precursor, the League of Nations.

The aims of the United Nations resonate with those of the Theosophical Order of Service in its worldwide efforts to alleviate suffering and to promote peace, development and quality of life for all. TOS members and groups may continue to support the work of the United Nations by recognising special UN days in TOS projects, presentations, articles, exhibits and debates.  United Nations Day – October 24 – can be set aside and celebrated with a special programme of meditation and readings interspersed with discussion.

The TOS is indebted to Pedro Oliveira and Ananya Rajan in particular for their help in painstakingly researching the TS’s extensive history of support for the UN and the League of Nations.

You can access the PDF brochure here and on the For Members section of the website.  Members of both the TS and TOS are warmly invited to print out this brochure for distribution.

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