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TOS initiatives in Brazil

Andréa Dias de Mendonça Resende, who has recently replaced Regina Celi Medina Alves Silva as coordinator of the TOS in Brazil, has sent us news of two original and constructive initiatives in which the TOS and TS collaborated early this year. 
She writes:


This year started with two important events for the TOS in Brazil.

First we organised a ‘caravan’! A small group of theosophists (initially four and later nine) travelled by car through ten cities, covering about 1000 kilometres on their way to the city hosting this year’s TS Summer School. On their way, they introduced the Theosophical Society to the public, giving talks on Theosophy, selling books and magazines, and mentioning the TOS’s work as well.  More than 500 people in all attended the lectures.

To the right we see the ‘caravan’ team enjoying a pizza with TS members in the city of Piracicaba in São Paulo.

The second important initiative this year took place at the Summer School itself in the city of Bonito in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul. The TOS in Brazil organised a bazaar, with objects and services donated by those attending the School. The sum of R$ 7,060.00 was raised – US$ 4,280.00!

Here we see Jovelina Oliva and Denize Monteiro very busy serving everyone at the bazaar.  (Beware of what can happen when you help efficiently at a TOS bazaar: just as Rosella Milani Fanzio was appointed Coordinator of the TOS in Italy after helping run the big bazaar at the World Congress in Rome in July 2010, Jovelina and Denize have now been put in charge of developing TOS activities in their home cities of Curitiba and São Paulo! Bravo, ladies!).


In order to decide the best way to use this money, between lectures, groups of members visited local charitable institutions to get to know the people concerned and to familiarise themselves with their situation and needs.

To the right, Helena Siqueira, Denize Monteiro, Andréa Dias de Mendonça Resende and Fatima Weaver visit a home for the elderly and discuss needs with two of the nuns there.

Everybody had the opportunity to contribute in some way: giving or buying objects, helping set up and run the bazaar, identifying suitable beneficiaries for the money raised, buying and delivering the articles for donation which included a TV, a sound system, mattresses, comfortable chairs, a washing machine, a digital camera, bricks, diapers, etc. 

In the end, the money was used to buy necessities for five charitable institutions located in the region. This was seen as a form of thanks for the warm welcome received locally. The articles were personally delivered, which made possible further direct contact with those concerned.


The members delivered a load of large gifts including a television for the elderly residents of the São José Bosco Shelter.  One of our brothers, Valdir Carnaval played his guitar for the enjoyment of the residents. Lucia Avila and many others joined in the singing.

The TOS delivered a load of bricks to Associação Mãos Estendidas ("Outstretched Hands"), an establishment promoting education and psychological aid for children.  Since land had recently been bought, what was most needed was this construction help.


Hospital Nosso Lar ("Our Home").

Members Erlinda Batista and Denize Monteiro (in white shirts) deliver fans and personal hygiene products to the Hospital Nosso Lar.

Both the ‘caravan’ and the Summer School were a great opportunity to talk about the work of the TOS to many people. Theosophists from all over Brazil were encouraged – and we hope inspired – to include TOS activities in their Lodges.
Other TOS projects have been engaged in elsewhere in Brazil this year, of course, and these will be the subject of a subsequent report. 

We congratulate Andréa on her dynamic beginning as coordinator of service work in Brazil and wish Regina, the former coordinator, all the best in her new responsibilities.

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