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Good news from the Philippines

Most of you will recall the international project that has been running for three years now through the good offices of the TOS in America to raise funds for the theosophically-oriented Golden Link College in the Philippines. It is thanks to a matching grant from the Kern Foundation that our donations are doubled each year.

Recently, the College’s Chairperson, Vicente Hao Chin, Jr, sent photos to the TOS in America and to John Kern of the new four-storey building that the fundraising project has helped to build.  Vic’s exchange of correspondence with John Kern may be of interest to readers, particularly those who have donated.  Especially interesting is John’s conception of the relationship between the TS and TOS.

 Vicente Hao Chin, Jr

John Kern






Here are some photos of the Kern Hall and the new 4-storey building. Thank you so much for making this building and hall possible!

The new building of the Golden Link College

The hall name is placed at the entrance of the ground floor that leads to the canteen and the assembly hall. The hall is where we hold all our programs and events.  The inscription below the name records how the hall came into being.

Last March’s graduating high school class during the ceremonies held at the Kern Hall. There were 30 students. Every one of them delivered their own speech before the audience. Some unabashedly shed tears while speaking, especially when expressing their gratitude to their parents.

I have finally turned on my laptop and can in this modest way begin to express our absolute delight in every aspect of this project, its handling, administration, the involvement of our American Section of the TOS, and you, Vic, at the helm. This project is a glorious example of how the various scattered parts of the Theosophical Society’s most dedicated workers can come together in support of applying the theosophical philosophy in the service of humanity, anywhere, anytime, in a manner which will contribute to the general welfare. Your very gracious dedication plaque honours those who saw the potential of this Theosophical College.

The Kern Matching Grant has actually given us a much needed adrenaline boost because we were at a juncture when we had to expand our facilities for the opening of the tertiary courses, but the investment requirement was quite large and it was difficult for us to do it by ourselves. Your offer came just at the right moment and we were able to get past a major hump in our growth.

What has been so significant about this project is how each person involved has seen an opportunity, and each has responded with thoughtfulness, energy, transparency in the fund raising, and complete dedication to the objective. No personal agendas got in the way. Above all, this project has been an opportunity to press forward on my own long held goal of seeing a re-unification of the TOS function with the TS function. We may need to be separate organisationally, but we must be one in spirit and endeavour.

Through the publicity arranged about the expansion of the Golden Link College, we may hopefully encourage new donors to join us and even inspire some people to consider more significant contributions. We are applying fundamental theosophical principles in bringing together peoples of vastly different cultural and societal backgrounds in the expression of sensitivity to our planet and all its inhabitants. For many who are not aware of theosophy or the Society, their approach to theosophy may well be encouraged by demonstrations of practical, every-day service in situations of need. The TOS is a vital tool in organising folks to undertake service projects, aided by members’ understanding of theosophy which provides such a convincing explanation for why this sort of service to others demonstrates losing our focus on ourselves through service to others, and in the process ultimately finding our own focus on why we are here in the first place.



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