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Golden Link School News - Sep 2009

The Golden Link School is now renamed Golden Link College

The Golden Link School in the Philippines is now renamed Golden Link College with the opening of its modest college department with two course offerings: Bachelor of Secondary Education and Bachelor of Elementary Education. The first intake of college students consists of 12 freshmen and 7 sophomore students. The majority of them have applied for scholarship grants as they mostly come from very poor families. There were many other applicants who applied but did not meet the minimum entrance qualifications of Golden Link.

The philosophy of the college department is the same as that of the primary and secondary divisions. Based on the belief that individuals must discover the core values of their lives for themselves free from fear, coercion and prejudice, the college is committed to producing educators who see schooling as a preparation for life and not just as a means to earn a better living. Through innovative teaching methods that respect and nurture the individuality and creativity of the students, it integrates the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of their growth in a well-rounded program. Teaching students to embrace their common humanity and to recognise their place in the web of life, the college strives to honour many faiths. It holds the conviction that individuals who are at peace with themselves will ultimately create a world at peace.

The College newsletter has more information.



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