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TOS Healing Intention


We invite you to join us in a healing intention directed toward the people of Ukraine who are caught up in the armed conflict between Russian and Ukrainian forces. We ask you to remember particularly our fellow Theosophists there who themselves are working hard helping refugees of both Russian and Ukrainian origin. (See report on one project here.)


The fighting in Ukraine against Russian troops began in April 2014. According to a United Nations report, in the first nine months more than 4,700 people died and over 10,300 were wounded. By early March 2015, the number of people internally displaced by the conflict reached the 1.1 million mark, with an additional 674,300 Ukrainians seeking asylum in neighbouring countries.


The Ukrainian authorities are working to evacuate people from Donetsk and Luhansk, the worst hit areas, but their efforts fall grossly short of the need. Conditions there are dire with the supply of water and electricity often disrupted by shelling and rocket attacks. Many are still trapped in the conflict areas in basements and buildings under constant bombardment. The fighting makes the delivery of humanitarian aid extremely difficult.


Concern is especially great for the most vulnerable of the population, children, the elderly and the disabled. The UN’s children’s fund (UNICEF) estimates that over 1.7 million children have been affected by the crisis in Ukraine, with at least 130,000 displaced. Moreover, up to 150 schools have been shut down due to fighting in the Donetsk region. (See our report on our TOS members’ work to comfort the children here.)

Healing intention: "Om . . . We ask for and invoke healing power, love and light for all people living in the conflict areas of Ukraine, and for those involved in TOS work in the Ukraine.  May they be comforted, protected and strengthened.  May they be filled with inner light and unshakeable optimism for their families’ and their nation's future.  May compassion and tolerance fill their hearts.  May they know safety in their schools, families and communities. We give thanks.  Om."


Children of Kiev, Ukraine with teddies hand-knitted for them by members of the TOS France.

Mrs Diana Dunningham Chapotin, former International Secretary of the TOS, Ms Raisa Kalashnikova, President of Laya Lodge, Kirovograd City, Ukraine, Mrs Nancy Secrest, International Secretary of the TOS and Mrs Svitlana Gavrylenko, President of the Regional Association, Ukraine. The Ukrainian delegation to the 2014 Adyar Convention presented Nancy and Diana with little dolls known as mOtanka. The dolls keep one safe “from all bad things”. A wonderful gift!









Mrs Svitlana Gavrylenko, President of the Regional Association, Ukraine, Ms Raisa Kalashnikova, President of Laya Lodge, Kirovograd City, Ukraine and Ms Olga Fedun at the TS 2014 Adyar Convention.



In 1946, Geoffrey Hodson was the Director of Thought Projection Groups for The Theosophical Society in New Zealand.  He wrote of the opportunity available to all humans to consciously and intentionally work with angelic beings to tap spiritual power and radiate potent influences for good into the world. 

Solar Angel



Geoffrey Hodson's message:  "The mind and brain of man are powerful mental ‘radio-stations’.  Thought moulds not only the character of the thinker but also that of all recipients of his mental broadcasts.  The mental impress produced by man upon fellow man helps to form national characteristics, and influences both human destiny and the progress of civilisation...The power of individuals mentally to influence the thought, character and conduct of others increases by geometrical progression, we are taught, when they think together in groups."



An angel's message (through Geoffrey):  "Power, life, light; these are the gifts which companionship with the angels shall place in human hands.  Power that is limitless; life that is inexhaustible; light before which all darkness melts away. . .  Fear not the result; banish from your minds all doubt of our existence, and of our power to help. . .  Meet in your groups with strong intent to send a mighty flood of power, of blessing, of love towards those people and those places whom you seek to heal, to purify and to illumine. . .  Such in part is the work of the Brotherhood of Angels and of men."

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