Celebratory Affirmation
by Usha Shah MBE, Convenor TOS Kenya

In her inspiring prose poem Usha celebrates womanhood in all its aspects. We loved it. We hope you do too.


Usha Shah MBE, Convenor TOS Kenya







I write the following on behalf of every woman in our world and in the spirit of sisterhood.



Celebration of Being a Woman


I celebrate being a woman because as a mother I am the creator and nourisher of a human being. I am an unsung heroine strong, selfless, giving voiceless and yet eloquent love, sharing the growing up of my children, being with them in their times of joy and sorrow and then brave in letting them spread their wings and fly to a wider horizon, leaving my little nest.

I celebrate being a woman because as a daughter I have given total devotion and caring love to my parents and the same to all senior members of my family and the community.

I celebrate being a woman because as a sister, I have grown up with my siblings sharing good and bad times, sharing secrets, loving one another and even after going our separate ways keeping in touch and supporting one another through ups and downs of life and relishing our times together.

I celebrate being a woman because as a wife I have stood shoulder to shoulder with my man, sharing his dreams, helping him realize his ambitions, and supporting him in sickness and health, looking after his needs and lifting his spirits when he is down in the dumps, and soaring with him when he is happy and giving him companionship.

I celebrate being a woman because as a home maker I have created a haven of peace where guests find a warm welcome, the hungry are provided with meals, where the family members get together
for celebrating family occasions and festivals, where animals are cared for and where the environment is preserved. I have built a sanctuary and refuge for many who need to be listened to or given a shoulder to cry upon.

I celebrate being a woman because now I have ventured out of my home and gone to work in the wide world, invaded and conquered once male-dominated professions and become successful in business, politics, aerospace, science, education and agriculture, at the same time keeping my body and soul together, not losing my femininity and my personal dedication to my family, social duties and
to the good of the Universe.

Beyond all these roles, I celebrate being a woman because as Durga, I fight evil, as Laxmi I bring prosperity and as Saraswati I bring knowledge. In me are the qualities of selfless loving, sensitivity, inner strength, devotion, dedication, commitment, intelligence, industriousness, fearlessness, invincibility and many more.

I celebrate being a woman because as a woman I have suffered through ages, humiliated, trodden upon, taken advantage of, not given the love and respect I deserve and now I have realized that the future of the Universe lies in the hands of women! I do not want to be worshipped or called a queen! I want to be recognized as a human being and a magnificent one! It is time for the men to realize our worth and set things right. It is time for the world to look at women as
pivotal in helping to save the world from total destruction! Men must enter into partnership with women if they want to survive!

Yes, as a woman I am invincible and powerful.
Yes, I am proud of being a woman!