Some New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

In 1932, Annie Besant suggested a New Year’s resolution for that year. Her hand-written resolution says: “I will try each day & all day long, to tune my nature into fuller harmony with that of the Divine Master who dwells in my heart.”

For this issue of our e-Newsletter at the approach of the New Year, we sent this historical information to several TOS workers, inviting them to offer a New Year’s resolution for us all in 2016. Here is the result:






Fernando Perez Martin – TOS Spanish language Coordinator

I will try to be better every day. I will try to obey my inner voice. I will do my best to help mankind. I will do my best to serve and make others happy. I will do my best to contact my Master.










Michel Chapotin – President, TOS France:


On the path of service I will do my best to move in my focus from me only, to me and others, then others and me and finally to others only.








Maria Rosa Martinez – TOS Argentina:


In the New Year, I resolve to ensure that at the end of each and every day I can look back and see a service rendered to a human being, any creature, or to the Earth itself and thus know that those 24 hours were not spent in vain.









Diana Dunningham Chapotin – Former TOS International Secretary:


Martin Luther King Jr wrote, “Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”  In the coming year, I will continue to plant apple seeds quietly and steadily.







Nancy Secrest – TOS International Secretary and President TOS-USA:


I resolve to listen for the voice of the Master from whomever and wherever it comes and to try to act in harmony with the highest within me.