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The TOS works locally and internationally in such areas as -

  • education
  • social welfare & justice
  • healing
  • peace
  • animal concerns
  • the environment
  • emergency relief

Would you like to join us in our work? You will find more information and ways of getting involved on this website.

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The TOS was founded to provide a framework in which people can engage in creative, practical and humanitarian action in a theosophical spirit. It offers opportunities for participation in activities promoting the First Object of the Theosophical Society - To form a nucleus of a universal brotherhood of humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or colour.

It also acts as a forum in which people may air their views on global affairs in the light of spiritual principles and the ideas of the theosophical philosophy - one source of unity beyond outward differences; the interrelatedness and interdependence of all forms of life; the ordered unfoldment of the cosmos in accordance with natural law.

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Recognition of the unique value of every human being expresses itself in reverence for life, compassion for all, sympathy with the need of all individuals to find truth for themselves, and respect for all religious traditions.

— The Theosophical World View

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Updated: Sept 2018

TOS-USA and TSA Team Up

Many people know the Theosophical Society emphasizes the three pillars of study, meditation, and service as a path to our spiritual evolution. In many lodges and study centres, service tends to either not be discussed or may be done, but not mentioned in the work of the centre. As a way to highlight the importance of this “quiet” pillar, the Theosophical of Order in the USA(TOS-US) and the Theosophical Society in America (TSA) teamed up to offer half a day of service to the participants of the TSA summer convention.

Featured Article

Fragments of Service-Based Theosophy - Antonio Girardi

Antonio Girardi is the General Secretary of the Italian Section of the Theosophical Society (TS). He has been a member of the TS since 1980 and the General Secretary of the Italian Section since 1995. He is the chief-editor of the Rivista Italiana di Teosofia. Antonio has written three books on theosophical subjects, and he has also edited the book La Società Teosofica: storia, valori e realtà attuale. (“Theosophical Society: history, values and current situation”.)

Highlights from the TOS International Conference at Singapore - By Nancy Secrest

The 4th TOS International Conference was a smashing success! Every five years, members of the TOS from around the world get together to report the results of their previous Action Plans, let others know what they are doing, listen to inspiring talks and make plans for the next five years. This time the TOS Conference was held in beautiful Singapore on the coat-tails of the Theosophical Society’s World Congress (WC).


The Fourth TOS International Conference took place 9-11 August, 2018 in Singapore and was a smashing success! It was so wonderful to see so many of you. Those there got to renew old bonds and meet new friends. We learned a few things, had fun and got some business accomplished as well. The TS World Congress that preceded our conference was full of interesting speakers, working groups, entertainment and some of the best food ever seen at such an event. The highlight was when Vic Hao Chin praised the TOS in his presentation calling the TOS "the most important existing avenue for applied theosophy for the public."

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